Dealing With Roof Leaks

by Crown Roofing

Posted on April 2nd, 2019 at 9:00 AM

This is the image rain falling on a roof.

We have had buckets of rainfall this season and if your roof has problems you may be seeing some evidence of roof leaks. Water seeping through a roof is first visible in the attic space, then eventually in the walls, ceiling or even the baseboard. There are many reasons why a roof might be leaking from broken tiles to debris accumulations so please see our Roof Leaks side show for a visual presentation showing what can happen when a roof starts leaking.

Sidestepping Roofing Catastrophes

Moisture retention can promote fungi growth and rot roofing lumber.

Prevention being the best strategy to avoid disaster, if you notice a leak try to deal with it sooner rather than later. Water will rot lumber, dissolve drywall and discolor paint. Just under your roofing shingles or tiles is a synthetic or tar paper underlayment which is designed to keep moisture out and lumber dry. If compromised by a leak that has been allowed to seep, drip and pool, the underlayment will deteriorate and allow water to get underneath and come in contact with roofing plywood. If this happens the synthetic underlayment then creates a condition of moisture retention and promotion of fungi and dry rot. Rotted lumber must then also be replaced when when repairing or renovating the roof.

Small Leaks And Big Damage

Think for a moment how this leak to rot cycle might play out. From winter to summer compromised and rotted lumber will dry out in summer and become pithy and porous. Winter then comes along, and with the resulting rains this porous wood will act like a sponge to absorb and retain even more water causing even more fungi and rot. If unnoticed and left unchecked year after year, entire sections of roofing or drywall can be affected. when a leak appears, you will have to do some detective work to find out where the leak is coming from. Also, if a leak is not properly addressed it is possible the ceiling could collapse under the weight of the accumulated water. Annual visual roof inspections of your roof can help you stay on top of roofing leak issues and prevent leaks from happening. With a little research DIY home owners can often take care of small roof repair issues such as tile shingle replacement. Only a few tools will be needed and the replacement procedure is pretty much the same for nearly all asphalt shingle roofs.

Getting To Know Your Roof

What kind of composition roofing shingle is on your roof?

When your home was built, the construction contractor had many options for which type and quality of roofing to include on your home. Here in the Sacramento valley we have some housing tracts where all the roofing materials used were of a low quality and consequently multiple roofing issues will develop for these homeowners. In other cases homes are just getting old and after 20 or 30 years a roof will simply need to be replaced. As a home owner you will want to have a look at your roof in order to get an idea of the quality of your roofing materials and take note of the condition, then if minor repairs are all that is needed, consider roof your roof repair options.

DIY Roof Repair

If your roof is in pretty good shape you might want to go the route of taking care of minor roof repair yourself. The tools needed are simple, but here's what you will need.

• Claw hammer
• Pry bar
• Putty knife
• Hook knife
• Roofing nails
• Roofing mastic
• Rubber gloves
• Roofing shingles
A claw hammer is needed. A pry bar will be needed to lift nails and shingles. A putty knife is handy to get under the shingles. A hook knife is used to cut composition shingles. Roofing nails will be needed. Roofing mastic is needed for shingle adhesion. Rubber gloves to protect the hands from roofing mastic.

Because you may be needing to replace some shingles, it is a good idea to try to get a hold of some matching shingles before beginning. Your local hardware store may have everything you need to get the job done, but if not, you could visit a roofing supply house directly. For local roofing supply references see our Roofing Resources page and select the "Local Suppliers" tab in the Shuffle Gallery menu. If you need to replace one of a kind hard to find shingles we suggest you visit Vintage Tile Roofing in Rio Linda and check out their huge tile boneyard. You may likely be able to match and replace your broken tile there. When you get up on the roof choose a sunny day when the roof is dry and wear waffle stomper boots with good tread. Always make slow movements and try to avoid being in a rush. Review our video suggestions provided in this blog and bring your tools and camera to document your work. When you complete a repair test it for leaks. If you can get into the attic you will want to see if the leaking has stopped by spraying the affected area with a garden hose.

Pro Roofer Services

Crown Roofing is a fully licenced Pro Roofing Contractor

Knowing what is going on with your roof helps you be in control of what your options are, but if DIY roof inspection and repair is out of the question for you then you may want to contact a roofing professional. It's a fact that not all roofers are good roofers and the good roofers do keep very busy. Try to plan ahead for your roofing needs. Even if you feel that you are not ready to take on another bill, having an idea of the condition of your roof as well as understanding your options and costs it is going to help you to create a realistic budget for your roofing needs. Here at Crown Roofing, we encourage you to take advantage of our free roofing estimate and compare. We provide you with a free estimate and will tell you with complete honesty exactly what is going on with your roof. If what you need is roof repair, we will either provide an estimate for you, or refer the repair job to one of our trusted partners. (we apologize in advance if we happen to be too busy with re-roofing to take on roofing repairs) Roof Repair is the best option when possible, but if your roof cannot be repaired and requires replacement, we will provide photo documentation, fully disclose all materials, costs and procedures in our estimate. All our work is backed not only materials manufacturer warranty, but our own company warranty. We invite you to give us a try. We are a small roofing company offering high quality and low prices.

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Roofing Talk April 5th at 6:00 PM

I appreciate the information. When I got up on my roof I found that there were some shingles missing that had blown off the roof. When I called Crown Roofing it was explained that composition roofing shignles loose their adhesion over time and that's what causes them to come loose and blow off during a storm. Following the links to the YouTube information videos I was able to replace my lost shingles.

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Dealing With Roof Leaks

We have had buckets of rainfall this season and if your roof has problems you may be seeing some evidence of roof leaks. Water seeping through a roof is first visible in the attic space, then eventually in the walls, ceiling or even the baseboard. There are many reasons why a roof might be leaking from broken tiles to debris accumulations so please see our sideshow entitled "Why Is My Roof Leaking" and keep on top of knowing your roof and it's condition so to protect your home from damaging roof leaks and costly roof repairs.

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